Guy Fawkes Day, November 5, is a festival celebrated by the Commoner Fae in Europa and elsewhere.

Overview Edit

Radicals who see Guy Fawkes as a martyr to the rights of all Commoners celebrate this festival by blowing things up. What things? Well, whatever they can find. Seelie fae usually use firecrackers to declare their homage but refrain from hurting people. Unseelie fae often ignite kegs of gunpowder (as is tradition) or even plastique to do damage to noble property, though they would never damage a freehold, usually just gazebos or empty barns.

The original Guy Fawkes was part of a plot to assassinate James I of Britain and with him the House of Lords and House of Commons, by blowing up Parliament. As part of the party one of the Commoners will dress in 17th century clothing and pretend to be him. This lucky one gets to light the last and biggest fuse of the day.

References Edit

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