Gutka, also known as the Salt Queen, is one of the eldest childer of Baba Yaga.


The Gutka herself has no memories of her former life, but remembers that she was an old woman, devoted to the old gods, that went out into the woods to meet death. Instead, she found the hag Baba Yaga, who granted her the Embrace.

Believing herself now an avatar of the Mother Goddess, she went to the pagans of Poland and they worshipped her, granting her sacrifices of blood and salt. When she fell into torpor in the salt mines of what would later become Kraków, she lost the ability to feed on the simple vitae of humans, instead needing to feed on vampiric blood.

She Embraced various miners and killed them, leaving the corpses preserved within the salt of her lair. Staying within the mines, she turned into a being completely encrusted with salt crystals, with a stooped body, mildewed hair, and frail arms and legs. In the 16th century, she once again desired death and began to search for Baba Yaga to ask her to kill her.

Her search stayed fruitless and she fell again into torpor. In 1997, she awakened again and began her search anew, destroying various Kindred communities with her ravenous hunger.

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