Name: Guruhi
Plural: Guruhi
Pronunciation: goo-ROO-hee
Nicknames: Kings
Disciplines: Animalism, Potence, Presence
Parent Clan: Nosferatu

The Guruhi are one of the Legacies of the Laibon.


Taking their name from the Gambian god from whom they claim to descend, the Guruhi believe themselves to be the masters of Africa, the rightful rulers of its lands and people. They share their lands with the other Laibon reluctantly, though they do have something of an alliance with the Osebo and the Shango.

Those they Embrace may come from any African ethnic background, but tend to be those in positions of authority or who can trace their ancestry back to one of the great dynasties.

The Guruhi are mostly unified, despite an old legend which says there are two "lines" of Guruhi. The second line was supposed to take over Africa, replacing the original line when it was deemed "unfit". This division is mostly forgotten and rarely taken seriously, except by a few Guruhi fanatics.

The Guruhi seem to share a weakness with Clan Nosferatu, though theirs is much more complicated. The appearance of a Guruhi changes based on their moods, reflected by their Orun and Aye; a Guruhi in a good mood with high Orun appears normal or may even possess unearthly beauty. However, one with a low Aye is revealed as a monstrous creature, much like the Nosferatu.

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The original outline of Kindred of the Ebony Kingdom confirms the Guruhi are intended to be a Nosferatu bloodline.

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