Gurahl is a sourcebook for Werewolf: The Apocalypse setting. It is the fourth volume of the Changing Breeds book series and revolves around the Gurahl, ancient werebears among the changing breeds.


From the White Wolf Catalogue:

Waking from centuries of slumber, the Gurahl — the werebears — rise again.
Some aid the Garou from the shadows. Others exact vengeance on werewolves for ancient slights. Now players can become these gentle and ferocious, strong and unyielding creatures. Gurahl allows you to create a werebear character of your own — and to join in the final struggle against the forces of Apocalypse.
But are the Gurahl too late?

Introduction: The Journey of Ursa MinorEdit

An introduction into the themes of the book.

Chapter One: The Dance of CenturiesEdit

The history of the world through the lens of the Gurahl, from the First Times of Gaia through the War of Rage into the 1990s.

Chapter Two: Painted FacesEdit

The social divisions among the Gurahl, including their tribes, auspices and breeding habits.

Chapter Three: Song of MakingEdit

Advice on how to create a Gurahl character.

Appendix One: Children of the BearEdit

Prominent characters from Gurahl lore.

Appendix Two: Stories for the TellingEdit

Advice on how to run a chronicle focused on the Gurahl.

Background InformationEdit

Memorable QuotesEdit



Council of Autumn

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