Guorna, also known as the Fetid, was a powerful and widely respected mage.


In the eighth century Guorna was invited to the event that sealed the Pax Hermetica and founded the Order of Hermes. His presence was requested in 767 CE, in the German city of Dürenmar. However, Guorna died shortly after receiving Trianoma’s invitation, and so his two senior pupils, Tytalus and Tremere, each came in his place as neither could agree to yield to the other’s authority. In the interests of peace it was decided that since they both already had substantial followings of their own, they could stand equally as brothers in the new order. Thus House Tremere and House Tytalus, along with all the rest, were born.


  • In the only mention of Guorna in the World of Darkness games, Guorna is depicted as a male. On the other hand, the 4th and 5th editions of Ars Magica (the original games from which Guorna, Tremere and Tytalus originate), Guorna is shown to be a female. It must noted, however, that the 4th and 5th editions of Ars Magica are not considered canon for the purposes of this wiki, since we only cover Ars Magica up until the final product published by White Wolf, i.e. its 3rd edition.
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