Guillaume is the Inconnu Prince of Switzerland and, by extension, Liechtenstein. He is rumored to be one of the few vampires to have attained the state of Golconda.


Guillaume's youth was shaped by violence and his achievement of Golconda was more of a resignation into the meaninglessness of his actions that resulted in a pragmatic calm. A high voice among the Inconnu, Guillaume makes his residence in Geneva, where he discusses international matters with other high-ranking members of the sect. The day-to-day affairs of his domain are usually delegated to his childe Vera and it is nearly impossible to meet Guillaume in person these nights. The prince is instead occupied with more global affairs, like the Shadow Curtain or the appearance of the Consortium in the Netherlands.

A military leader in life, Guillaume insists on basic training in battle for all Kindred in his domain. He is wary of Kindred entering into his domain and those who are deemed potential troublemakers are immediately deported. Violence is forbidden and anyone who breaks this rule faces expulsion. Recently, Guillaume has made an arrangement with several Ventrue to operate financial affairs within his domain in exchange for a fair share from the profits to benefit the country. As a reaction, several Giovanni have made incursions to get their share of the gains. The Ventrue protest, but as the Giovanni behave themselves and heed Guillaume's dictates, both sides have to resort to non-violent ways of defeating each other.


Guillaume is a tall, broad, muscular man with neatly trimmed brown hair (greying at the temples) and mustache. He wears perfectly tailored black business suits and gold-rimmed glasses. He often carries an attaché case.


While he is often referred to as the Prince of the entirety of Switzerland and parts of the Benelux countries, some cities within these geographical range have other princes, most notably Manfred von Schorr of Basel. It is possible that these princes are sworn to fealty to Guillaume, or are even descended from him as they are all Brujah and act as his representatives, similar to the feudal Cainite "kingdoms" of the Dark Medieval era.

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