Guilelmo Aliprando was a diplomat Embraced by the Cainite Prince of Venice during the Dark Ages. He acted as the voice of Prince Narses, but eventually became Prince of that city himself after the diablerie of his sire.


Narita Embraced Guilelmo, the scan of a noble Venetian family, shortly after the assassination of his previous majordomo, Blasio Cancherllo, in a dispute with Genoese Lasombra. Narses chose Guilelmo for his obvious skills as a diplomat and negotiator; like Narses, he maintains a studied air of objectivity and detachment. Unlike his master, Guilelmo has the ability to put anyone – even his opponents – at ease. Consequently, he is the "public face" for the prince of Venice during Venetian Nights. 

Since coming under Narses' wing, Guilelmo has become well versed in the teachings of the Cainite Heresy. Unlike his master, he has the beginnings of what might be called genuine belief in its teachings. Narses finds the "conversion" of his lieutenant to be endlessly amusing, a testament to his skills as a deceiver. 

Unfortunately for the Prince of Venice, Guilelmo is not as naïve as he appears. He maintains regular contact with the Tzimisce Nikita of Sredetz, a true believer in the Heresy, who doubts Narses' sincerity. In the end, Guilelmo's devotion to the Heresy may prove greater than his loyalty to its Archbishop.

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