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Guildbook: Sandmen is a splatbook for Wraith: The Oblivion detailing the Sandmen, users of Phantasm.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Where Do Dreams Go When They Die?
"So, little dead man, have you come to join our masque? Welcome to the play that never ends, the dream that dreams itself through eternity. Once upon a time, I though that Life was Art and Art was Life. Now I know better. And you will too." — Malaika Singleton, Night Angel of Philadelphia
Only the Living Can Awaken From This Dream!
When you close your eyes, they're waiting for you. As soon as you start to dream, you belong to them. Patiently they wait to take your soul on gossamer wings, to show it splendors you can scarcely imagine and terrors you can barely comprehend. And when your entertainment is over, theirs begins. Sweet dreams...
Guildbook: Sandmen is the second in a series of Guildbooks for Wraith: The Oblivion. Journey with the wraiths of dream as they mine the phantasmagorias of mortals for inspiration. See with them the splendors of the Theater of the Dead. Tremble as they rip screaming souls from sleeping bodies. All of the secrets of the Sandmen are here, if you dare to learn them.


Ghost Story: A Road of Steel and Souls, Part II

Continuing the meeting from Guildbook: Artificers, the Sandmen reveal to the Guilds they know the location of Siklos.

Lever de Rideau

A brief introduction and welcome from the Sandmen.

Act I: Somnus Uncloaked

The Sandmen present their history, their current status, and the Sandmen from the other Dark Kingdoms.

Act II: Somnus' People

The modus operandi of various members of the Sandmen, how they go about achieving their goals, the rankings of the Sandmen, and the importance of Sand play out in this chapter.

Act III: Systems

A show of new Arcanos arts and Artifacts.

Act IV: ...And We Are Merely Players

A solo debut of Sandmen character templates.

Epilogue: The Big Players

The important Sandmen step forth for a bow.

Background Information

The second of the Guild splatbooks.


  • Hikaru Mastuki: the Guildmaster who takes many forms, none of which appear to be his real one
  • Thusimos: A powerful member of the Sandmen helping his superiors throw the other Guilds off-track


Phantasm (WTO), Sandman

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