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Guildbook: Haunters is a splatbook for Wraith: The Oblivion detailing the Haunters, users of Pandemonium.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Do You Want to Play With Madness?
Hi, there. I know you're not dead yet, but we're working on it. Anyway, I was wondering if you'd thought about your career prospects once I finally get around to killing you. I was hoping you'd consider coming to work for us. No? You won't even consider it. Oh well. And, yes, I'm going to kill you anyway.
And All Pandemonium Breaks Loose!
Some wraiths see messing with the living as a hobby, others see it as a crime. Then there are the Haunters, to whom it's a calling. They're the ones who make the stories you read in the tabloid rags, the once who make the walls bleed and the sky rain vermin. They're the ones who like to terrorize the innocent, to hound the wicked, and generally to make life hell for anyone they can find.
But they've got a reason for it -- and that's the most frightening thing of all.

Ghost Story: A Road of Steel and Souls, Part IV

Midian reveals the strangeness the Haunters felt in the Shroud at the moment of Charon's disappearance.

Chapter One: The Recruiting Process (dessecorP tiurceR ehT)

The Haunters reveal their organization, alliances inside and outside the Guild, and factions, as well as the whys and hows of why they want the Shroud destroyed.

Chapter Two: History (yrotS A)

The Shroud thickens, Charon takes a strong dislike to the Haunters, the Guild is destroyed, and yet they still survive to write this.

Chapter Three: Dearly Departed (detrapeD yldaeD)

The secret Arcanos abilities, the many ways in which Pandemonium can be used, the Merits and Flaws a Haunter can optionally take, and the Artifacts available to the Guildmembers alone.

Chapter Four: So You Want to be a Haunter... (...detnuaH eb ot tnaW uoY oS)

The many kinds of Haunters that operate within the Guild, told through character creation.

Appendix: Our Soul (sevlesruO)

The major mayhem-makers within the Haunters.

Background Information

This was the final Guildbook to contain a single Guild. After this, two Guilds would share a single volume for the rest of the line's run.

Chapter One is accidentally listed in the Table of Contents as The Guild (tliuG ehT), which is actually the name of the first section in that chapter.

Chapter Three is accidentally listed in the Table of Contents as It's All About the Wyld (elihW a tuobA llA s'tI), which likewise is the name of the first section in that chapter.

Memorable Quotes


  • Midian: A chessmaster, Guildmaster, and master muckraker.


Haunter (WTO), Pandemonium (WTO)

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