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Guildbook: Artificers is a splatbook for Wraith: The Oblivion detailing the Artificers, users of Inhabit.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Spirits in the Material World
"So kid, you thought you were hot stuff on the nets while you were alive. Ever hack anything from the inside before? Didn't think so. Well, don't worry, back then you were only human. Now you're something else. See you on the inside!" — Kathryn Chan, Renegade Artificer
Taste the Hammer and the Flame!
In the darkest heart of Stygia, they wait for you. Do you have what it takes to place another in the flames of soulfire? Can you bring your hammer down and close your ears to the screams? Or even now, are the Legionnaires bringing you to the forge in chains? One way or another, the Artificers' Guild is waiting for you.
Guildbook: Artificers is the first in a series of Guildbooks for Wraith: The Oblivion. Revealing the secrets of the Eldest Guild, it will take you from the desolation of the Labyrinth to the silicon nerves of the Information Age.


Ghost Story: A Road of Steel and Souls, Part I

A meeting of faux Deathlords representing real ones plan to rescue Charon from the Labyrinth, find the traitor among them, and get the Guilds reinstated.

Chapter One: The Guild

Details of what the Artificers stand for, including information on what they really represent and how they plan to go about it.

Chapter Two: The Hammer of the Damned

Excerpts from the Book of Nhudri give the clan history in (slightly biased) detail.

Chapter Three: The Guild Inside and Out

The opinions of the Artificers on the other denizens of the Shadowlands and the World of Darkness, and the structure of the Guild itself are both contained in this chapter.

Chapter Four: Putting the Hammer Down

How to forge the human soul into cheap goods and weapons in a few easy steps!

Chapter Five: Ways and Means

The alternate Arcanos arts, Merits and Flaws, skills, and other goodies available for the Artificers Guild alone.

Chapter Six: Hammerboys and Netsurfers

Ready-made sample characters for your convienence.

Appendix: Who Was Who

The important players in the Brotherhood of the Hammer.

Background Information

The first volume in what was to end up being an incomplete line of Guildbooks.


  • Lord Ember: Guildmaster of the Artificers and a major player in Stygian politics, despite the fact his organization is not supposed to be around
  • Nhudri: The wraith who started soulforging and serves as the focus for a bunch of wacky cultists


Artificer (WTO), Inhabit, Kinesis, Soulforging

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