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There are five guilds of the Arisen from the Nameless Empire that have survived to the modern day and operate openly, and possibly a sixth one known as the Deceived which operates in secret. These guilds were once the dominant middle class of the old kingdom, each led by seven of the Shan'iatu, but with the fall of the empire they have continued their work and their service to the Judges of Duat in a more clandestine way throughout the globe. In each nome there are typically seven guildmasters, with the two strongest guilds having a consequently greater presence. In larger cities (such as Cairo or London) there are two for every guild, making a total of ten strong mummies who give direction to the others.

The five great guilds, and their favored vessels, are...

  • Maa-Kep, the Engravers of Amulets, who are the grand puppet-masters of the Arisen. Their favored vessels are amulets.
  • Mesen-Nebu, the First Alchemists and transformers, who create power from raw materials both human and inanimate. They favor regia vessels.
  • Sesha-Hebsu, the Inscribers of Texts, who remain the scholars and loremasters of the Arisen as well as the keepers of law and custom. Unsurprisingly, they favor texts.
  • Su-Menent, the Shepherds of the Shell and priests of the dead, who serves as the spiritual leaders of the Arisen and as the impartial and relentless servants of Fate. They favor uter vessels.
  • Tef-Aabhi, the Builders of Effigies, once the masons and engineers of ancient Irem and now the architects of much more. They favor effigies.