Guide to the Traditions is a sourcebook for the nine Traditions in Mage: The Ascension Revised Edition.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Keeping the World's Magic Alive
We keep alive the old ways. We remember the days when magic flowed across the Earth and dreams strode in hosts with spirits. For every person who believes in a world beyond reason, we are illumination, teacher and guardian. Although beset by unbelief and torn by dissent, we stand together as guides to the shining Ascension to which humanity may strive. If you yearn for hope, if you seek to replace wretchedness with inspiration and you are ready to change the world, you can be one of us.
Nine Traditions, Infinite Possibilities
A definitive look at the Traditions as a whole – how the Council functions, who'll take charge with the death of Masters, what techniques determine the allocation of chantries and Wonders. Between the roles for up-and-coming Disciples and the problems facing the 21st century Council lie a host of stories waiting to be told.


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Chapter Eight: TreasuresEdit

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P. David Gill was initially left out of the credits, but was later credited in Mage Storytellers Handbook.

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