Guide to the Camarilla Cover
Written by: Richard E. Dansky, Geoffrey C. Grabowski, Kenneth Hite, Clayton Oliver, Cynthia Summers
Additional Writing by: James Kiley
Additional Assistance:
Development by: Richard E. Dansky
Editing by: Cynthia Summers
Art Direction: Larry Snelly, Richard Thomas
Art by: Gary Amato, Andy Bennett, Matt Clark, Richard Clark, Guy Davis, Jason Felix, Darren Frydendall, Mike Gaydos, Pia Guerra, Mark Jackson, Vince Locke, Greg Loudon, William O'Connor, Adam Rex, Andrew Ritchie, Steve Sadowski, Alex Shiekman, Christopher Shy
Cover Art: Bill Sienkiewicz
Front & Back Cover Design: Pauline Benney
Endpapers: Phill Hale
Layout & Typesetting by: Pauline Benney
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Varney the Vampire, Dracula, "The Transfer," The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, Vampire Junction, Carrion Comfort, Lost Souls, Fevre Dream, Those Who Hunt the Night and all of the other wonderful stories that have continually re-invented the vampire for us.

Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: February 1999
Pages: 232
Publication #: WW 02302
Reference #: ISBN 1-56504-261-1
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Price: Print: $24.99/$19.99
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Guide to the Camarilla is one of the core sourcebooks for the Revised Edition of Vampire: The Masquerade, along with its companion volume, Guide to the Sabbat. It is the definitive guide to the Camarilla: its function, history, secrets and organisation, as seen through the eyes of its major clans. It also covers the more advanced powers and specific skills of its members.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Roses watered with blood
It has been over five centuries since the curtain of the Masquerade was drawn across the stage of the Kindred. It has been five centuries of secrecy, tradition and lies, five centuries of hidden elegance and terror.
It has been five centuries since anyone knew the truth.
Now, at last, the curtain will be drawn back. The lies will be exposed. And maybe, just maybe, the truth will be revealed to you.
The Guide to the Camarilla contains:


Roulette: A Cautionary Tale

Opening fiction featuring Montrose, Seneschal of Las Vegas, as he and his ghoul associate Duke deal with some Sabbat visitors. (The Sabbat side of the tale is told in the opening fiction of Guide to the Sabbat.)


An introduction to the Camarilla, an overview of the book's contents, and a lexicon of terms specific to the Camarilla.

The Basics in Blood: The Sect Defined

An overview of the Camarilla's past, present and future. Includes the various offices, Traditions and customs of the Sect, as well as its areas of power and weakness.

Thin Traceries of Blood: The Clans

A Sect perspective on the Camarilla clans, including the six main clans, the Gangrel, and full details for the Gargoyles, Lasombra antitribu and Caitiff.

From the Beginning: Character Creation

Expansion on the character creation process for Camarilla vampires, included a host of new Trait options.

Powers Beyond Understanding: Advanced Disciplines

Level 6 and above powers for the Disciplines typical for Camarilla vampires (basically the "classic" vampire powers possessed by the seven main clans), as well as new Thaumaturgy paths and the unique powers of the Gargoyles.

The Rhythm of Immortality: Tactics and Systems

The ins and outs of regular Camarilla activities.

The City By Night: Building Your Setting

A guide to building a Camarilla run city, including templates for various Camarilla positions.

Tales of Imagination and Mystery: Storytelling

Advice on running Camarilla-specific chronicles.

Allies, Enemies and Others

Information on Anarchs, elders, the Inconnu, and ghouls.

Background Information


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Camarilla (VTM), Sabbat, Anarch Free State, Las Vegas (WOD), Los Angeles (WOD), 1435 (WOD), Tradition (VTM), Masquerade (VTM), Inner Circle (Camarilla), Justicar, Archon (VTM), Prince (VTM), Primogen (VTM), Whip (VTM), Seneschal (VTM), Harpy (VTM), Scourge (VTM), Caitiff, Gargoyle (VTM)

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