Guardians of the Caerns is a sourcebook for Werewolf: The Apocalypse detailing the social lives of werewolves in their caerns and septs.


Home Sweet Home
Werewolves would give their lives to keep the sacred places of Gaia from being defiled. They draw lines of battle, readying themselves to fight, bleed and die in defense of their homes. Their conviction is absolute; they fully believe that their homes must be defended for the good of the world. Now find out why.
Trespassers Will Be Mauled!
Ever wondered what exactly werewolves do all day? Wonder no longer. Guardians of the Caerns is the sourcebook of septs and caerns, detailing the sacred places and the Garou communities that guard them. It contains information on sept offices, tribal septs, caern logistics, defensive tactics--even an in-depth look at those who must grow up strictly as Garou, the metis. This is the book for anyone who really wants to understand just what it is they're fighting for.


Legends of the GarouEdit

"The Giving of a Klaive"

Introduction: Opening the CaernEdit

Chapter One: Of Caerns, Sorrows and JoysEdit

The logistics of caern design

Chapter Two: Tribal LinesEdit

Tribal and Changing Breed traditions of caern defense

Chapter Three: Digging InEdit

Player involvement in caern defense and improvement

Chapter Four: Not of Garou and Kin BornEdit

The metis lot

Background InformationEdit

Memorable QuotesEdit



Bawn, Shrine, Umbra, Heart, Rite of Caern Building, Totem, Moot

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