Garou glyph for observation/watching.

Chosen by the Warder to help patrol the caern and make certain that no one enters the bawn without the knowledge of the sept, the Guardians usually consist of one or more packs under the Warder's authority. In general, a sept has five Guardians (or the equivalent of one pack) for each level of the caern, provided there are enough Garou to go around. Guardians act as the first line of active defense in the event of attacks against the caern. They range primarily on the edges of the bawn, making certain that no minions of the Wyrm or other hostile creatures cross into the territory of the caern. Guardians work closely with the Warder, and most Garou take this opportunity to learn as much as they can from the caern's expert battle master. When the time comes for the sept to select a new Warder, werewolves that have proven themselves as Guardians usually stand a good chance for the position.

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