Grump is one of the Seemings of Changelings and are the "grown-ups" of Kithain society. 25 years or older, few changelings mange to reach this age and succumb to Banality long before.

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Grumps are the adults of the fae community and have lost the innocence of their youth, often becoming irascible or bitter. They no longer have the Glamour of their younger days and their power dwindles. As the Kithain are very sensitive to Banality, increasing age can destroy their idealism. The average grump is still less banal than the average mundane but by faerie standards they can be seen as stubborn or sedentary.

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Only one is twenty changelings is a grump. While they prefer the name graybeard, the term grump has stuck among the Wilders and Childlings. By the time they reach their late 20s, most kithain have succumbed to Banality and lose their fae essence, while the less fortunate have become Undone and lose all memory of their changeling life. If they have managed to hold off this doom for a long time, they have obviously gained some wisdom. The strongest of them find ways to keep off this slumber though they can find it hard to leave their mortal lives aside.

They see themselves as the most reliable and responsible of the Fae and usually take up the duties of caring for Childlings and Fledges as the Wilders tend to think they have more important things to do. On top of this they are the keepers of tradition and lore and are always eager to pass this on to their younger charges. When the ingrates care to listen...

When the heaviness of the mundane world sets in, they often escape into the intrigues of the court. They see themselves as the real movers and shakers in society even if the Wilders or rulers think differently. They can often see fae society as antiquated but like the sense of stability it gives and appreciate it. They see the wisdom in the tradition and treasure it.

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