Gruach is an Unseelie Sluagh Wilder in the Kingdom of Dalriada in Caledonia.

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Gruach combines the attributes of a dark beauty with sin and danger. Ross' lover for the past few years, she has wormed her way into court of late, much to the distress of Dalriada's courtiers. Many fae in the Tuath of Iron whisper of her connections to the Shadow's Market and possibly even the Monkey's Paw. No one knows her true motivations.

The sluagh first came to court at the behest of Duke Leyden. Shrewd observers think she may well have been his mistress before she became Ross', that he gave her favors in return for her insights into the court. Leyden's plan backfired, however, when she became the favorite of Ross and turned her back on the duke. Gruach has a Lowland accent, though she has never spoken of her life before coming to Dalriada.

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Bone thin, with chalk-white skin, Gruach is nonetheless alluring. Her shadowed sapphire eyes speak of promises in the dark, and her floor-length black hair is silky and soft. She usually wears tight leather bodices over long, crinkled silk skirts, and not much else! Gruach's one weakness is fine jewelry; she fairly drips with it when dressed for court.

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Gruach tells people enough to gain their attention, even if it means giving away a minor secret. Then, she gently presses them for useful information, making them feel guilty about not repaying her kindness should they balk.

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