Grief is a messenger Angel associated with the serial killer Wesley Cote.


Grief delivers orders to Wesley Cote, the so-called Key, and tells him who to kill. Cote can slip through time and space and is not bound by Infrastructure the way an angel is. Cote is the Infrastructure that allows Grief to manifest, meaning if Cote dies, Grief doesn’t return to Earth.

Grief appears as a slender man in his late teens, wearing black jeans, a black hoodie, and bright blue sneakers. His bright green eyes are constantly wet with tears. Grief doesn’t speak to Cote, but if another person were to approach him gently and carefully, he might converse.

Grief usually steps out of mirrors or from around corners and gets Cote’s attention with a nod, and then passes him a piece of paper with the name, address, and a few details. He then wanders away silently, vanishing into the shadows. Grief doesn’t fight and Discorporates if attacked.

Character Sheet


Virtue: Sad
Vice: Silent
Rank: 1
Attributes: Power 2, Finesse 3, Resistance 2
Influence: Grief 1
Corpus: 7
Willpower: 5
Size: 5
Speed: 10
Defense: 3
Initiative: 5
Armor: None
Numina: Mortal Mask
Manifestation: Discorporate, Materialize, Twilight Form
Max Essence: 10
Ban: Grief cannot use its Numina on smiling people.
Bane: Ashes


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