The Grey Monks are a group among the members of House Liam who are passionate about the belief that there is Glamour in human religions.

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Grey Monks
The Grey Monks attempt to live among the priests, mullahs, and sensei of human religions, taking on the role of true believers. (Some actually do believe but this is considered getting too close to the subject of study.) Mostly they follow the Roman Catholic Church but the Monks are too few in number to discriminate, at least openly.

Their primary goal is to learn to extract Glamour from the rituals and beliefs of the faithful. If you ask one of them, they will tell you they have had success. If another looked at the data they would say the opposite is true. No faerie can deny that Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve have created great works of art when inspired by religion, but it is only the Monks who claim that the Glamour is indistinguishable from the religion and that a congregation of true believers can produce Glamour as well.

Those outside of House Liam who encounter the Grey Monks think they are insane. The strictest Sidhe of Dougal and Gwydion actually battle them as they remember the offense that saw House Liam exiled. The Monks, though, are essentially a scholarly society and try to avoid such conflicts. It helps that most changelings are at least a tad nervous about entering churches, while the Monks have no such worries.

Most of the Monks live near groups of devout believers. There is a large group in Russia researching the Russian Orthodox Church, but their numbers have mysteriously fallen in recent years. Unsurprisingly, the Vatican is another stronghold. The largest group not involved with Christian practices lives in Calcutta and are studying Hinduism. Some of the Grey Monks have forged connections with certain radical sects of the Celestial Chorus, a move which is looked at negatively by senior members of the order.

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