The Greve of Stolen Lovers, also known as the Gentleman is a True Fae known for seducing and absconding with pretty young girls and boys.



You astound me with your beauty. It is captivating to see a girl so unique in her splendor, that I must plead with you — come away with me? If only for a time?

A rakish figure, the Gentleman offers to his conquests whatever they desire most. He takes away those he can convince to join him, using them as thoroughly as he is able. Those who deny him remain safe from Arcadia, though he will do his best to wreck their lives in his anger. Inevitably, those he takes begin to bore him and he will toss them aside.


The Greve appears the quintessential English gentleman, straight off the pages of a romance novel. His mien radiates lust, as do his violet eyes. Beneath his Mask, the Other’s skin is icy blue, his eyes become iridescent, and he gains near a foot in height.

His Changelings

Many of the Greve’s changelings wind up as Fairest (like Damiana), with Bright Ones, Dancers, and Flowering being par for the course. Should a changeling grow darker under his grip, he or she might become a Mirrorskin, while those who learn to predict his mercurial desires may end up an Oracle.

Character Sheet

Mental Attributes: Intelligence 4, Wits 5, Resolve 3
Physical Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 5, Stamina
Greve of Stolen Lovers
Social Attributes: Presence 6, Manipulation 6, Composure 5
Mental Skills: Academics 3, Investigation 3, Occult 1, Politics 5
Physical Skills: Athletics 4, Brawl 3, Stealth 3, Weaponry (Saber) 6
Social Skills: Empathy 1, Expression (Poetic Compliments) 6, Intimidation 4, Persuasion 5, Socialize 4, Subterfuge (Promises) 6
Merits: Barfly, Disarm, Eidetic Memory, Striking Looks 4, Token (Silver Saber, does aggravated when activated for one turn) 5
Willpower: 8
Virtue: Charity
Vice: Lust
Initiative: 10
Defense: 5
Size: 5
Speed: 13
Health: 7
Wyrd: 8
Contracts: Dream •••••, Mirror •••••, Smoke •••, Darkness •, Vainglory •••••
Glamour/per Turn: 30/8
Frailties: Sound of church bells (minor taboo); saying “no” to him three times (major taboo)
Mien Blessings: Lyrical Voice, The Mercurial Visage (Mirrorskin), Tyranny of Ideas (Muse)
Type Damage Range Dice Pool
Saber (Token) 3(L) 13


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