A Gremlin is a type of Chimerical Monster.



While Gremlins are a basic type of chimera, this particular one is one of three chimera that escaped from Prince Yrtalien's garden hunt, along with Pug and the Killer Fish, and is out to do the thing he does best... hunt.

The gremlin is a fierce, war-oriented creature. His body is covered with a green-black hide that makes it difficult to harm him with normal weapons. His streamlined, almost serpent-like shape allows him to dart and move quickly, and his short height allows him to dart between legs and through tunnels. He has razor sharp teeth, but also a pair of wicked claws, and a lashing tail. his eyes reflect yellow in the light, scaring any mortal who might see him.

His favorite method of attack is to lay low and blend with the surroundings. He then springs out and hamstrings his victim or severs their Achilles tendon, rendering them unable to do anything but crawl. Then and only then will he move in and very sadistically carve up the poor victim. He consumes the flesh of Kithain, causing him to gain extra Health Levels. His blood is like acid and if touched will cause aggravated real damage. He is proficient at using his claws and tail. He is a devious, evil creature and difficult to kill.


  • Acidic Blood: The gremlin's blood is much like that of the creatures in Aliens. When he bleeds, it eats through whatever it touches. Characters who get the blood on them must either wipe it off or find some other way of removing it. The blood does three soakable Health Levels the first round, and one additional level per round that the blood remains on the body.
  • Chimerical Claws: His claws are far more deadly than most, as they rend the very fabric of your chimerical existence from you. With each successful attack, the character must make a successful soak roll lest the Gremlin rend the Glamour from their soul. For each successful attack that does damage, the character looses one temporary point of Glamour. The character is fully aware that this is happening.
  • Consumption: By eating a victim, the Gremlin can either heal a number of wounds equal to half the victim's available health levels (for Kithain, 7), or he may add those levels to his own health levels, increasing the amount of damage he can take. For example, if he consumes a chilling eshu, he will have the choice of healing three wounds or aging three Health Levels to his total pool.


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