Greg Gannaway is a Seelie Boggan; presumably a Wilder.

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Greg Gannaway

Born to Kithain parents and raised among Seelie traditionalists in Bright Keep, a staunchly conservative Seelie freehold on the Delaware coast, Greg experienced his Chrysalis exceptionally young and learned his court’s tenets alongside his numbers and the alphabet. He discovered a knack for desserts after a joyful and quite messy childhood, and decided early on he wanted to continue making people happy and bringing them together through the metaphorical — and in his case, literal — magic of ice cream. Greg’s protective parents reluctantly agreed to let him attend a nearby culinary school after home-schooling him most of his life, but even though he enjoyed the courses and learning how to combine ingredients in new and interesting ways, it still felt like something was missing.

Then Greg took a road trip with some of his classmates and came across his first food truck, and everything snapped into place.

It took all his savings and a loan from his skeptical, but supportive, parents, but as soon as Greg bought his first food truck it was a hit almost instantly. Now his Shakespeare-themed, pun-filled milkshake wagon, “Billy Shakes”, is a familiar sight at a number of shore towns, and Greg has even started fielding offers from other drivers looking to buy a franchise. He was also surprised to find himself viewed as one of the founders of a new group emerging from the Kithain community, a cadre of talented chefs and confectioners who have embraced the gourmet food truck trend as mobile Glamour stations. Calling themselves the Epicurean Caravan, these innovative entrepreneurial Kithain are a rambling community that share tips, drive tongue-in-cheek rivalries, and settle territory disputes through a social media.

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Despite his status as a budding celebrity — or perhaps because of it — Greg is shy and soft-spoken in person, quick with a self-deprecating remark and obviously uncomfortable receiving praise. He comes out of his shell when discussing the joys of ice cream, however, as well as telling tales of strange adventures from the road. He has a mop of thick, curly brown hair and glasses that he’s constantly adjusting as he works, and no matter how hard he tries, his clothes always seemed to be stained with ice cream or flecked with the latest toppings he’s trying as experiments.

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