The Great Work, or Magnum Opus, is a regimen of alchemical study which Prometheans often pursue. The purpose of the Great Work is to attain Mortality, or the New Dawn - a human soul.

There are many courses of study in the Great Work, all intended to enable a Promethean to reach the New Dawn, and end their Saturnine Night. Prometheans also use the Great Work's courses to control the Inner Fire, so it will never control them. The various courses of the Great Work are known as Refinements.

Prometheans who pursue the Great Work see themselves as alchemical works-in-progress. The Promethean's base matter - their body and mind, associated with the element lead - has passed through the alchemical stages of putrefaction, dismemberment, and resurrection - but the Promethean has not yet reached the Dawn.


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