The Great Prank was the feat of replacing Dementation with Dominate for almost the entire Malkavian clan.


The elders — they were strong and wise and terrible.

The Dionysian had shed the earth he slept under; his laughter drew us to the revel. Addemar, wrapped in his hermit's robe, scowled down on the gathering. Tryphosa rocked back and forth, whispering riddles into the air. Brude's pale skin glistened with sacred patterns and holy script, and the Black Hag squatted in a pile of bones, drawing her teeth across a scarred, fleshless femur. And amongst them all stood the wise one, the mortified one, the Easterner — Unmada.

Six Methuselahs. Six. A great, merciless power, swollen between them, taut and bloated by their proximity. Their fever hung in the air, and it would have flayed any mortals luckless enough to attend the gathering. They pulled at the fabric of the world to release a Call that all of us could hear. Then they gathered their might, drew down the power of the flow of Malkav's splintered consciousness...

  —  Clanbook: Malkavian Revised

Shortly after the Convention of Thorns ended, six Malkavian methuselahs led a pilgrimage of their clanmates to the city of Domažlice in Bohemia.

There the six, bolstered by scores of European Malkavians, enacted the ritual that removed the Camarilla Malkavians' discipline of Dementation, replacing it with Dominate. Those who had not answered The Call to this pilgrimage – primarily the antitribu and those who made their havens outside of Europe – were entirely unaffected.

It is said that the vampires affected by the prank never noticed the difference. A small fragment of the clan preserved the Dementation discipline, defecting to the Sabbat and becoming antitribu. Many theories try to explain how the methuselahs accomplished this feat, and some even claim that Malkav himself sensed the six's efforts and willed the change to take effect.

The effects of this ritual endured until 1997, when Dementation was finally returned to all Malkavians in what was called the "Reawakening".

The Six Methuselahs


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