From his home in the Screaming Jungle, the Other known as the Great Multicolored Prince captures and hunts Beast changelings of all stripes.


Within the Screaming Jungle, silence heralds the approach of the Great Multicolored Prince. This Faerie is a bizarre amalgamation of ape and tiger and raptor, constantly stalking for enjoyable prey. The beastly Other uses his great wealth to purchase from privateers new changelings to hunt, only taking a break after particularly satisfying kills. Uninterested in lesser targets, the Prince exclusively seeks Beasts, regardless of kith. In a twisted mirror of human hunting practices, the Other makes sure to give his prey proper time to grow, ensuring that they are strong and cunning enough to be worthy of his time.

The mountains that dot the landscape bear a multitude of clefts and caverns leading into the thorns — the means by which changelings escape the jungle. Said survivors tend to be happier in urban environments; there, it is never quiet enough to draw up unwanted memories of the Prince.


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