The Great Jaganath was a legendary treasure of the Nockers, crafted by Blistertongue Jill.

Overview Edit

In the Mythic Age, when Duke Nalath Owlsbane, Lord of the Brass Tor, desired the greatest, most terrifying war machine of all time, he called on Brimstone Jill to construct it for him. The story surrounding its creation is a tale for another time, but suffice to say that it took 5 years to construct and, when it was done, its creator was full of more venom than any Nocker before or since. The great machine only went on one campaign; to the Orange Hills, before it was destroyed in the storm generated by the shattering of the Basilisk Stone.

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Nocker war machines like the Ogre Hunter Mark III of today pale in comparison to this machine. It stood fully 70 feet tall and had massive, sweeping scythe arms that could slice through great oaks like barley. Fire belched from its belly and wicked dart-throwers lined its back. At its very center rested a massive, brass-shod battering ram crafted in the shape of a mailed fist.

References Edit

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