Baroness Grayswan is a Seelie Sidhe Wilder and spokesfae for House Liam in Concordia.

Overview Edit

When Baron Malcolm died in 1989, his daughter, Baroness Grayswan, succeeded him as the de facto leader of House Liam in Concordia. She has been less restrained by the chains of tradition than her father and more willing to compromise for the goals she seeks. She is a dangerous enemy. Her goals, however, are those instilled in her by her father before his death. No less than he, she seeks stability rather than any real change in the status of the house. Still, she is more skilled than her father at building support and alliances, and while Baron Crane seemed as if he would be the next leader of the Concordians, he stepped aside for her in 1992. The baroness has solidified her strength in the house in the subsequent years and has ingratiated herself into High King David's counsels.

Some, including Duke Gwilliam of the Duchy of Tulips, see the Traditionalists of Baroness Grayswan as too eager to subsume themselves to the dictates of High King David's Court. David is a good ruler, but there are too many demands on his time for him to reconsider and reevaluate the exile of House Liam. Furthermore, what knowledge he has of their exile is indicative that there is no reason to reopen the matter. If Baroness Grayswan and her supporters were to push the issue, it's possible that David would make time for them. The reward of conformity has been a slow-improving reputation for the hose, at least among the more cosmopolitan Kithain. Still, the decades of rule and the relative safety of House Liam's current position in Concordia make it unlikely that Grayswan will ever find the "right time" to speak to David of the matter.

Since 1995, Gwilliam has been sending his trusted liegemen to Concordia to speak of the value of standing up for one's rights. This quiet act is aimed at his fellows in Liam, rather than attempting to convince other houses that House Liam deserves redemption: he does not believe in begging. The duke's men are considered agitators by the Liam nobles of Concordia and Baroness Grayswan has decreed that any vassals of Gwilliam are to be arrested and thrown out of Concordia. The irony of this exile within an exile has not gone unnoticed.

References Edit

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