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The Gray Vines are a Level 2 Treasure of the Sluagh.


Gray Vines.png

Appearing as a vest the color of fog, the Gray Vines look to be woven in a clever pattern mimicking the growth of wild plants. On closer examination, one can tell that the waistcoat is actually made from twining, thorny vines which, thankfully, remain still.

This is interesting enough on its own, but they do have another function. Normally worn under a jacket or coat, the vest can, on command and the expenditure of a point of Glamour, send its vines slithering down the sleeves of its wearer and beyond to grapple a single target. The vines have an effective Strength and Dexterity of 5 and cause three Health Levels of chimerical damage from their thorns every round they hold a prisoner fast.


The thorns of the Vines, while not poisonous, are quite sharp. Anyone grappling or even hugging a crawler wearing this Treasure will take two health levels of chimerical damage.


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