The Gray Sword is a Banal Chimerical Object.

Overview Edit

Gray Sword

This chimerical sword has no personality or defining marks. It simply appears to be a gray blade with no adornments or decoration. It was reportedly created by a powerful sidhe of the Unseelie Court who wished to destroy a Seelie rival. Unfortunately, it has found its way into other hands and is rumored to currently be in the possession of one of the Dauntain.

Each time it strikes a Kithain, it adds one point of permanent Banality to its victim. This Banality fades at the rate of one point per day, though, if the changeling struck with the sword forgets their nature, they are lost forever. King David has indicated that he would grant a boon to any individual or oathcircle who succeeds in locating and destroying the Gray Sword.

References Edit

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