The Grapes of Wrath are a Level 1 Treasure of the Satyrs.

Overview Edit

Dirty tricks rarely appeal to the goats, but occasionally someone does earn their vengeance. The Grapes of Wrath grow from a special vine found in the Dreaming. Finding them requires patience, determination, and excellent combat skills as chimera who are also attracted to the sweet Grapes guard them as well.

The Grapes are perfect and a deep, rich purple. They gleam invitingly and flicker with Glamour to any who look closely enough. Those who eat a Grape feel slightly intoxicated and start to lose their inhibitions. The more they eat, the more uninhibited they become. They Grapes contain no actual alcohol, though, so motor skills are not impaired.

The goats call this treasure the Grapes of Wrath because they use them regularly to loosen up their enemies, either with the intent of coaxing information from them or, more likely, to get them to make a fool of themselves. Satyrs love nothing more than seeing a stuffy sidhe get wild and crazy in the middle of court.

References Edit

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