A Grand Klaive is a supreme version of a klaive.


These mighty blades are rare and powerful fetishes, the klaives of the most legendary heroes. Carrying one of these immense silver swords costs a Garou two points from his effective Gnosis rating. A war-spirit is usually bound into the grand klaive, allowing it to inflict aggravated damage to non-Garou.

Grand klaives are very rare and usually tied to specific Garou lineages, especially among the Silver Fangs, Fianna, and Shadow Lords. Besides the usual war-spirit, a second spirit — such as a fire-spirit that might add extra soak dice against fire when the klaive is activated or an ancestor-spirit that might provide extra dots in an Ability such as Occult or Survival — is usually also bound into the grand klaive. The secondary spirit rarely minds sharing the fetish with another, as grand klaives represent the pinnacle of honor in the eyes of Gaia’s warriors.

Werewolves, especially young ones, who possess a grand klaive attract the attention of the mighty. Elders often question the audacity of a youth who dares to carry such a sacred weapon, while his peers may covet the power and attention.


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