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A gorgon is a creature that has been possessed by a spirit of the Wyld and turned into a being of total Dynamism. Gorgons are the Wyld's counterpart to the Wyrm's fomori, the Weaver's drones, and Gaia's kami. The Fera assert that unlike the other Possessed, gorgons are never created from humans (or other sapient creatures); instead, they are created from animals or plants (including bygones) or other natural phenomena. The Dreamspeaker mages however, as masters of spirit magick who see spiritual essence in all things, assert that changelings and Marauder mages are in fact both types of gorgon.



Plant and Mineral


As the various authors of the Book of the Wyld failed to reach consensus with their ideas, the book contradicts itself on the topic of Wyld-infused human gorgons; page 86 states that gorgons are never created from human or humanoid stock, yet page 96 discusses human and Kinfolk gorgons. This might actually be intentional, considering how the Book of Madness Revised recommend making inconsistent marauders. Another interpretation is that all human or kinfolk Gorgons are made from human/kinfolk corpses.


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