Goluko is a maddened Zmei of Russia that can breathe balefire. He has become radioactive over the years, to the point that he even glows in the dark.


Great Goluko was once the most passive of the seven Great Zmei invoked by Baba Yaga in her feud against the Nosferatu Antediluvian, but he is now nothing but rage. In ancient times, he was hunted down and bound by the Silver Fangs in the Taymyr Peninsula, but in time they neglected his resting place and eventually the area was used as a site for thermonuclear testings.

Although the detonations could not shatter the magical bonds that held Goluko, radiation slowly devoured his weakened body. He is a 30 feet long dragon body in addition to his 15 foot tail. His once lustrous scales are now sickly green and some are falling off. He has mutated warts growing across his belly as a sign of radiation disease. Rage and pain define his behavior.

In the '90s, a group of Black Spiral Dancers has found his resting place and are trying awaken him. If Goluko escapes, the destruction could be on an unprecedented scale. Even Baba Yaga herself would not allow that.


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