In the common parlance of the Nockers, a Golem is a chimerical robot or animated creation.

Overview[edit | edit source]


For a Nocker to make a Golem (not to be confused with the Inanimae Phyla of the same name, cuck-brain) ((its not the same name. Nockers don't know everything)) you need a special helmet to impress your brain waves on it. Rabbi Loew somehow created a golem during the Middle Ages without a helmet but he probably wasn't a Nocker.

Once you've made a golem, then what? They're like kids. If you create one, know your responsibilities. Sentient golems aren't instant bodyguards, slaves, or playthings. Nockers have put up with enough scharn from the other kith to not want to visit that pain on their own kids. (Most of the other fae even like the golems better than their makers, the gurk-bags)

Golems can be protectors, sure, but only after the nocker who made it has trained them and given them the moral choice to work for them or not. Treat a golem fairly and it'll be more loyal than a pack of Trolls. But after its Fosterage and Saining (one year according to Bes Din law), if it wants to go on its way, well, you have to let it. Nothing pisses of a Nocker, Seelie or Unseelie, more than one of their own who takes this lightly. If you create life, you have to look after it and respect it.

If you want to make a whole army of nonsentient mech-warriors to wreak havoc on the local pishers, though, go right ahead.

References[edit | edit source]

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