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The Gold Faction are those Sidereal Exalted who support Solar Exalted rule of Creation, and oppose the Wyld Hunt and expansion of the despotic Realm.


When the Sidereals cast their Great Prophecy in the late First Age, one of the three Visions foretold therein was the Vision of Gold: if the Sidereals and other Exalted could find a way to reform the Solars and reign in their excesses, the First Age would continue and blossom into a truly golden age of prosperity. This path would be the most risky and difficult to achieve, but promised a future without the ruin and death foretold in the Vision of Bronze. Tammiz Ushun, an elder Chosen of Journeys, led those who argued that Creation could only truly prosper if the Sidereals worked to achieve the Vision of Gold.

Unfortunately for Tammiz and his supporters, and for the other Celestials, the Bronze Faction outnumbered them. To safeguard their plan to save Creation from the Solar and Lunar Exalted, the Bronze Sidereals committed an atrocity: on the Night of Fallen Stars, every single Gold Star was assassinated in surprise attacks. With the Gold Faction eradicated before they could warn the Solars, the Usurpation succeeded.

Tammiz' exaltation was reincarnated in the girl Ayesha Ura. Chejop Kejak educated her to be a loyal Bronze Star, but her memories of her previous incarnation eventually drove her to prefer the Vision of Gold over the new Bronze Age. In time, she re-founded the Gold Faction.

Gold Stars in the Age of Sorrows

The Gold Faction believe that Solar Exalted are necessary to defend Creation from attacks from outside of Fate. The Dragon-Blooded have failed to keep Creation safe, so the Gold Faction's ultimate goal is to overthrow the corrupt Realm and put the Solars back on the throne with puppet-strings firmly in Sidereal hands, of course. Once in a hopeless position, they now have something to work for since the sudden breaking of the Jade Prison and the Scarlet Empress' disappearance. They work to strengthen the Seventh Legion, non-Immaculate religions, and nations in the Threshold that oppose Dyanstic rule. Above all, they protect Solar Exalted from the Wyld Hunt, subtly steer them towards ancient artifacts and lore, and manipulate them into doing as the Gold Sidereals think best.

The Gold Stars are still outnumbered in Heaven, but they have slowly gained members since the unprecedented disasters of the Great Contagion and Balorian Crusade almost destroyed Creation. Ostensibly, members of the two Factions work together to do their real jobs for the Bureau of Destiny, with only friendly bickering and teasing. In reality, the Bronze Faction control most of the Bureau, ensuring the Gold Stars are paid less richly, receive fewer promotions, and can't openly achieve their political aims. Some Bronze Stars, such as Ahn Aru, have assassinated Gold Stars and their mortal associates.

The Gold Faction have their strongest (and only) position of strength in the Convention of Wood in the East. They have taken control of the Cult of the Illuminated and use it to train, indoctrinate, and manipulate newly exalted Solars, and to teach mortals and Dragon-Blooded to revere the returning Solars as divine saviors for the ruined world.

Unfortunately, the Gold Stars are just as clueless about the Great Curse as everyone else. They are supremely confident that they have the wisdom and experience to control Solar rulers from behind the throne, and prevent them from growing corrupt or insane but no particular methods for doing so. With the original Gold Faction eradicated, the current members have no personal experience dealing with experienced Lawgivers with agendas of their own, let alone crazy ones.

Known Members

  • Ayesha Ura, Gold Faction leader, Chosen of Journeys
  • Lupo, Gold Faction Sifu, Chosen of Secrets
  • Acacia, Chosen of Battles
  • Autumn
  • Bloody-Lipped Cassandra, Chosen of Secrets
  • Crane
  • Crimson Banner Executioner, Chosen of Battles
  • Dozima Wokish, Chosen of Secrets
  • Fleet Brilliance, Chosen of Journeys
  • Gracious Shaia, Chosen of Serenity
  • Joseph One-Shoe, Master of the Underground Sanctuary, Chosen of Journeys
  • Kai, Chosen of Endings
  • Maduka Shin, Chosen of Battles
  • Matutine, Chosen of Journeys
  • May Blossom, Chosen of Secrets
  • Pymander Seven, Chosen of Secrets
  • Rol, Chosen of Battles
  • Sapphire Sparrow, Chosen of Secrets
  • Sula, Chosen of Journeys
  • Venerable Silk, Chosen of Serenity
  • Zelia, Chosen of Battles
  • Zhen Xue, Chosen of Serenity

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