The Godbody of Metal was one of the Godbody Discipline used during the Fourth Age by the Kuei-Jin. It would later devolve into the Bone Shintai.

It exemplified the transformation of self into inhumanity, exchanging mortal weakness and frailty for purity and hardliness. Furthermore, it was a Yin aspected Godbody.

Chi Attunement: Stamina

Official AbilitiesEdit

Included below are the official powers described in the Blood and Silk.

Standard PowersEdit

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    • The Bright Metal Sheet: The Kuei-jin becomes covered in metallic sheens that offer protection
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    • Metal Within: The Kuei-jin replaces a part of his body with a metallic construct
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    • Dark Metal Self: The Kuei-jin turned his body into a wire-like, near-invisible form
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    • Metal Rain: The Kuei-jin transforms a part of himself into metal needles charged with chilling Yin energy
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    • Yin Metal Soul: The Kuei-jin draws upon the material of the Yin World, transforming his very essence into Yin energy that is extremly toxic to living beings and can send other Kuei-jin into Wave Soul.


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