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Gods in Scion are powerful beings caught in a war against their own creators, the Titans. The gods claim they created humakind, and their mortal descendents are the game's titular Scions.

Born of the Titans but tied to the world, the Gods once blatantly interfered in the development of human civilization and, in turn, were shaped by the beliefs of man into the deities we recognize from Classical mythology. The Gods long ago retreated to the Overworld to avoid the dangers of being drawn into conflict via Fatebinding to their mortal followers. When one of the Gods visits the World now, it is almost always done incognito and for the purpose of reacquainting himself with humanity. In the course of "reacquainting themselves with humanity,” many Gods manage to sire Scions.

Gods are organized into pantheons represeting different human cultures. Whether humans brought the Gods into existece or vice-versa is a topic of some debate. While there is much jockeying for influence within and between pantheons, all the gods collectively agree that the Titans are an existential threat, in the sense that they aim to destroy everything that exists. They generally also agree that, while their Scions are useful foot soldiers in the war against the Titans, they should not be allowed to grow powerful enough to displace an existing god.


Six pantheons are presented in Scion: Hero as particularly active in the world:

  • The Pesedjet, representing Egyptian gods
  • The Dodekatheon, representing Greek gods
  • The Aesir, the gods of Northern Europe
  • The Amatsukami, gods of Japan
  • The Loa, gods whose influence stretches from West Africa to the Americas.
  • The Atzlanti, gods of Central America.

Pantheons added in various supplements, representing less active gods with fewer Scions: