A Goblin Chainsaw is a Treasure of the Thallain.

Overview Edit

This is one commonly used “weapon of dishonor” at Unseelie gatherings such as the Mock Tourney on Samhain. Although this goblin device is similar to a regular chainsaw, modifications have been made to the teeth mounted on the chain. A wide variety of sharp objects, such as razor blades, bits of glass, severed forks, and steak-knife tips, are welded to the chain. Using this impossible-looking contraption requires a Dexterity + Melee roll (difficulty 8). It inflicts up to Strength + 7 dice of damage (depending on how well it’s built), but if the attack roll is botched, each 1 will inflict one level of damage on the user. While chimerical chainsaws only give the illusion of removing limbs with more than five successes, these puppies actually do it. Are ya feeling lucky?

Using two Goblin Chainsaws at once (“Florentine Technique”) increases the difficulty to 9 and requires you to split your Dice Pool. It does look impressive, though! On Samhain, the master of this technique is named the Grandmaster of Double-Chainsaws, a title of great esteem.

References Edit

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