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The Go Kamisori Gama are a craft of assassin mages much like the ninja of cinema.


Similar to the Akashic practice of Do, the Go Kamisori Gama utilize martial arts and physical movement as a focus for their art. They practice the traditional variant of Budō Taijutsu along with hand signs called kuji-in, that are used as primary foci. There are a total of eighty-one hand signs, which draw from early Buddhist meditation techniques. With them, they produce Effects that mimic the Spheres of Life and Mind.

Through a deal with the Zaibatsu, the Go Kamisori Gama have incorporated technomantic devices into their arsenal. These range from modern cutting edge weaponry to cybernetics similar to the ones provided to Strike Force Zero.


The Go Kamisori Gama begin in the late Edo period from ronin samurai, who saw that their code and weaponry were out of date in an era of modern firearms. The warriors of the Uchida, Satoh and Ishida clans banded together and formed a new clan, called the Go Kamisori Gama. Learning the arts of highwaymen and bandits, the new style of the clan was more pragmatic than that of their forebears. New technologies were willingly incorporated, a trend which continues to the current day.

The modern Go Kamisori Gama exist as an incorporated body shop, who sell their services to anyone with enough money to pay. Centered around Japan, they have established a working relationship with the Yakuza. Recently, the still forming Disparate Alliance has expressed an interest in approaching them.


While the modern Go Kamisori Gama are no longer a clan strictly linked by blood, most that are born into their ranks stay there. Recruiters travel as as far as New York or Europe to search for prospective recruits, often using the ninja image projected by the media to their advantage.

Younger members are referred to as consultants and rend out for services that range from assassination to cyber-security to house cleaning. Older members or those no longer fit for field work take positions as vice presidents or executives, overseeing the operations of the craft and dealing with customers. Above them stands the president, a man named Ishida Jiro, who rules uncontested.