Glenfhada Distillery is a national treasure for the Kithain of the Highlands of Caledonia.

Overview Edit

The happiest place in the Highlands is the distillery in the shadow of Ben Fhada, within earshot of the Falls of Glomach. Only the fae know how to reach it; there are no roads, and the forests are warded to make uninvited guests wander. The distillery consists of a small crofter's cottage that's dwarfed by immense hedges of rhododendron and wisteria. Behind the cottage is a fieldstone barn, three stories high. The exterior is plastered with mud and decorated with dull orange paint. The whole area is permeated by the smell of the peat fires and the malted barley roasting in the loft.

The place is run by Anker, a woman of gigantic proportions, and her husband, Busby, a nocker from the Kingdom of Alba. Niall's balefire burns the peat. Normally the commoner clanns would take issue to this, but it doesn't seem to bother them. That is understandable because Niall agreed never to set foot in the place as long as he was kept well-stocked. Also, many of the clans contribute barley and oats in return for the nectar of the fae, Glenfhada Scotch. They can't afford to argue with Anker or Busby about anything.

References Edit

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