Glass Walkers Tribebook is a sourcebook for Werewolf: The Apocalypse detailing the history and culture of the Weaver-leaning Glass Walkers.


From the White Wolf catalog:

To: All sept members
From: Susan "CEO" Scapelli
Re: Recent city-wide security breaches
It has come to my attention that the bruhahaha with the fomori last week (Saturday, 12:05 am) was due entirely to a lack of alertness among our membership. The signs of their buildup were woefully apparent after the fact. If proper security protocols had been observed, none of the Banes would have infiltrated the zone and captured so many residents.
I am calling for an overall review of city-wide security procedures. All Garou are to report to their pack leaders for proper instructions. All House leaders are to report to the Don. All allied spirits are to be notified of this activity and asked to help out however possible. Don't screw this one up, folks. The last thing we need is an irate building or street.
I want the results of this review on my desk by next Friday, 9:00 am sharp.
Glass Walkers Tribebook includes:
  • The history and culture of the Glass Walkers
  • A "Legends of the Garou" comic book
  • Five ready-to-play character templates


Introduction: Metal OrganismEdit

Chapter One: The March of HistoryEdit

The history of the Glass Walkers.

Chapter Two: High SocietyEdit

The culture of the Glass Walkers.

Chapter Three: Worldly ContactsEdit

The Glass Walkers around the world.

Appendix One: Powers of the CityEdit

New Gifts, rites, fetishes, and totems.

Appendix Two: Residents of the Naked CityEdit

Five ready-to-play characters.

Appendix Three: If We Built Statues...Edit

Famous Glass Walkers of the past and present.

Background InformationEdit


Memorable QuotesEdit





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