Glass Fortresses are strongholds of House Balor found within the Dreaming.

Overview Edit

Because of the efforts of the Guardians of the Gates, House Balor has a strong presence in the Dreaming and these fortresses are their major freeholds. Fashioned by Nockers, they serve as forges, craft shops, castles, and armories for those loyal to the House. When they first unleash the Evernight upon the Waking Lands, their forces will retreat to these havens to ride out the worst of the first effects.

Each castle is a little different, as no Nocker would ever follow the exact plans of another, but they are all crafted from a glasslike substance found in the part of the Dreaming where the Fell live. It is brought to chosen sites in a liquid state and shaped into a fortress as if blowing glass. It then dries into a clear and almost unbreakable substance stronger than steel and very slick. It is impossible to climb and even the high landings must be covered with carpets to provide footing. Except in certain areas, the walls and floors are made of more normal materials to allow people to move about without slipping.

References Edit

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