A Glamour Battery is a Level 1 to 5 Nocker Treasure

Overview Edit


Nocker research into Glamour at its fundamental levels has given rise to several practical discoveries, including the invention of this device for storing Glamour in battery form. The Glamour Battery is a metal antenna that channels ambient Glamour into a silver headband that is connected to a battery by two wires. It's essentially a portable freehold. The owner must invest an amount of Permanent Glamour equal to the level of the battery to activate it (like one would do if acquiring a freehold during play). If the player buys the battery with Background points during creation it is assumed that the nocker has already invested the appropriate Glamour to activate it. If the battery is destroyed, the owner gains a number of temporary Banality equal to the level of the treasure, though they also regain any Glamour or Background points invested as well.

Other changelings may use the Glamour Battery but only if the owner attunes it to them. To obtain the energy, the user must place the silver headband on and sleep. Upon awakening, they recover a number of Glamour points equal to the amount initially invested, though they may never gain it above their Permanent Glamour rating.

References Edit

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