Glamour is the stuff of dreams; the energy that fuels the Dreaming and the powers of the Fae.

Overview Edit

Glamour is the creative energy that gives shape and life to changelings and to the Dreaming. It's born from the dreams and hopes of mortals, and so emphasizes the beauty or terror of even the most ordinary objects to something straight away from their dreams. It can take physical form as Chimera. Many consider it the antithesis of Banality.

Changelings depend on Glamour for the ability to sustain their fae mien and to cast their cantrips. Without a steady supply of this precious element, changelings soon forget their connection to the Dreaming and fade away into their mortal seemings and mundane lives.

Harvest and PerceptionEdit

In the Classic World of Darkness, Glamour is a rare commodity. Banality has greatly diminished the supply of Glamour, and changelings spend much of their time searching for new sources and preserving what still exists. Most changelings believe that if they can increase the amount of Glamour in the world, they can reduce the effects of Banality and eventually return the world to its original, magical state. Like most sources of energy or power, Glamour is imperceptible to normal senses. Lacking belief, mortals can't see Glamour or anything created from it. Nevertheless, it's as real as atoms, wind, or thought. Changelings, because they know that Glamour exists, can sense its presence. All Kithain have some degree of faerie sight, or kenning, which enables them to perceive the currents of faerie magic, though those who possess the Kenning Talent are more skilled in its use than others. Kenning allows changelings to see through each other's mortal seemings and recognize their fae miens, as well as to locate freeholds and perceive chimerical creatures and objects.

Glamour is a refined form of Gnosis, also called Chi, Sekhem or Quintessence, just as diamonds are a refined form of carbon.

References Edit

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