A Gladeling is an Inanimae who still retains their natural Anchor.

Overview Edit

An Inanimae is a gladeling when their Anchor is naturally occurring and they remain attached to the Anchor to which they originally bonded ages ago. The Phyla which are most often gladelings are Kuberas, Ondines, Parosemes, Glomes, and Solimonds. Though extremely rare, Mannikins can also be gladelings but only when the elements naturally form a human like shape.

Their numbers are decreasing, however, as few natural wonders have remained unshaped by mortal hands. Because of this they have a siege mentality and do almost anything to keep their anchors safe. This paranoia can often lead to Bedlam.

Nature Edit

Gladelings tend to have a more primal temperament and to consider themselves the upper class of Inanimae society. They would never call themselves nobles (Only those stuck-up Sidhe would do that) but even those gladelings with a stronger sense of their ties to their Krofted brethren still see themselves as purer. They tend to avoid contact with the mundane world if at all possible.

Secret Societies Edit

  • Gaia's Fist - These Gladelings seek to drive their Krofted kin out of all of Inanimae society.
  • The Brotherhood of the Hand - A group of fae of both the Glade and Kroft who seek to heal the rifts between the two courts.

References Edit

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