White Wolf Wiki

Glabro is the near-man or "wolfman" form of the Garou. In the Glabro form, a werewolf can somewhat pass for human while still drawing on a portion of their feral power.



In this bestial throwback form, the werewolf looks like an unusually tall, feral, muscular person. A Glabro werewolf can speak, but not well. Even soft words sound guttural and harsh. They become stronger, faster, and more resilient than Homid, but the Glabro form is still just a shadow of the werewolf’s true killing power.

A Garou shifting into Glabro essentially doubles (or perhaps triples) their human form's body weight and adds between six inches to a foot onto their normal height. Clothes strain and tear, but do not shred... yet. The Garou's teeth and nails thicken and sharpen, and while they’re not especially powerful, they add to the werewolf’s intimidating presence. Hair grows; brows slope; the werewolf’s posture hunches with predatory intent.