Giselher is a 7th generation Cainite of clan Ventrue. He is the childe of Agrippa, a former Roman general and governor. His grandsire, Julia Antasia, also acted as a mentor in his early nights.


His sire, Agrippa, had built the city of Cologne, Germany at the height of Rome's power and made it his home. When the legions of Rome retreated across the Rhine river in the year 401 CE, the Cainites (along with Agrippa) went with them. The city was abandoned to the Franks. It was this time when Agrippa Embraced Giselher, a Burgundian prince, but it would be 400 years before this new childe would be set on the task of reclaiming his beloved city on the Rhine.

In 860, Giselher and a coterie retook the city from a group of Christian mages. They used a gang of mortals to burn the mages out of their cathedral-chantry. The city was reclaimed for the childer of Caine once again, with Giselher as the new Prince.

Prince of CologneEdit

At some point before 1230, members of Clan Lasombra attempted to usurp his power. This earned the Lasombra his resentment, granting them no audience or succor in his domain while he ruled. His connections with Clan Nosferatu are particularly strong; he protects and supports the Lepers in his domain. He rules with a calm, even hand, as taught to him by his grandsire, Julia Antasia, who ruled in nearby Frankfurt. Because of this, Cologne became a center of commerce for the Kingdom of Germany and a meeting place for Cainites across Europe in the Dark Ages.


Giselher abdicated an unknown period of time later, but maintained his haven in the city. He is known for his strong ties to Friedrich Barbarossa of Frankfurt, with whom he shares a reformative view on the Camarilla.


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