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Giovanni Chronicles IV: Nuova Malattia is the fourth and final installation of the Giovanni Chronicles. Taking place in Boston, it focuses on the activities of the Giovanni clan, specifically a coterie of their ghouls, as they rise to power and face off against the Children of Isaac.


From the White Wolf catalog:

A New Sickness
An unhealthy development is taking place in Boston, Massachusetts – the ascension of the Milliner family of Clan Giovanni. From their surreptitious beginnings in the shadow of the Kennedy empire to their sinister prominence at the end of the 20th century, the Milliner history is one of treachery and cunning manipulation. Can the characters carve their own place out of Boston's dwindling resources, or will they be swept along with the tide of the Giovanni's inexorable conquest?
An Old, Unbeating Heart
The final installment of the Giovanni Chronicles resolves the mysterious ending of The Sun Has Set, including the significance of the sought-after Sargon Fragment. The story takes place in some of the most memorable and exciting periods of American history, from the Roaring 20s to the looming terror of the modern nights. Players get a chance to help or hinder the newest machinations of Clan Giovanni, including participating in Boston's desperate attempt to remain independent of Camarilla and Sabbat influence.
Giovanni Chronicles IV includes:
  • The culmination of the popular Giovanni Chronicles
  • An in-depth crime story spanning nine decades
  • A chance to participate in one of the critical sect battles of the final nights



A synopsis of the new installment with tips for storytellers.

Act One: First Communion

In 1929, the player characters become ghouls of Andreas Giovanni, who uses them as proxies against a local mafioso.

Act Two: The Blood of Her Enemies

The story jumps ahead to 1959, when the player characters face a new gang war and the appearance of the Children of Isaac.

Act Three: Test of Faith

In 1970 the ghouls are arrested under the RICO Act and must decide whether to remain loyal to the Giovanni or throw their lot in with another organization.

Act Four: To Everyone Who Conquers

By 1999 the player characters are struggling against both the Giovanni and the Children of Isaac, who claim they are acting against an even greater threat.

Dramatis Personae

Appendix: Boston Highlights

Background Information

Unlike the previous Giovanni Chronicles books, the player characters of Nuova Malattia are not the Children of Isaac. The reasoning given in the introduction is that the Children of Isaac should now be powerful elders, and thus more inclined to behind-the-scenes manipulation rather than direct action.

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