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Giovanni Chronicles III: The Sun Has Set is the third installation of the Giovanni Chronicles. Taking place in the 1800s, it focuses on the conflict between the Children of Isaac and Ambrogino Giovanni over the Sargon Fragment.


From the White Wolf catalog:

It is the 19th century, and Britannia raises her flag across the world. The murder of Cappadocius is rapidly becoming ancient history. But, in the shadows, the Giovanni still plot and scheme to achieve apotheosis. Can your characters, now mighty elders, stop the Necromancers?
  • Immerse your characters in the rapidly changing world of the 19th century and the Industrial Revolution – can centuries old vampires cope with the dawn of the modern age?
  • Put down or stage bloody Sabbat rebellions in the streets of London
  • Brave the desert haven of Egypt's corrupt Setites to learn long-lost Cappadocian secrets



A synopsis of the new installment with tips for Storytellers.


Suggested introductions for players to orient their characters towards events in London.

Book One: London Ghost Story

In 1848, the characters go to London in search of new information on the Sargon Fragment. There, they become embroiled in a Sabbat attack on the Camarilla.

Book Two: Paths of the Dead

Following clues uncovered in the previous installment, the characters travel to Egypt. They discover the Giovanni trail anew in Cairo and come into conflict with both the Ghiberti (African Giovanni) and two Roman elders.


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Conspiracy of Isaac, Sargon Fragment

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