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Giovanni Chronicles II: Blood & Fire is the second installation of the Giovanni Chronicles. Taking place in 1666 CE, it follows the Children of Isaac more than two centuries after the circumstances of their chaotic Embrace. The Children are asked by the Founders to investigate why the Giovanni seem to be stealing rare manuscripts, and what exactly they are plotting to do with them.


From the White Wolf Catalog:
Continuing the saga begun in The Last Supper, Blood and Fire embroils the characters in a deadly struggle against the nascent Giovanni clan.
Its members, foul necromancers all, seek nothing less than apotheosis.
Only the characters have a chance to thwart the Giovanni's schemes and prevent the clan from ascending to ruleship over all existence.



An introduction to the historical setting, characters, and a brief recap of what transpired in the first installment. An overview of the entire storyline.

Act One: Unholy Bandits

Players are summoned to Rome by the Founders and told that Cappadocius had accumulated a large library of ancient religious texts. These texts are now missing, and Ambrogino Giovanni is the likely culprit.

Act Two: The Black Monastery

The players trace the manuscripts to a Sabbat stronghold in the Swiss Alps, and learn who else has been tracking him.

Act Three: Flashpoint

The players pursue the manuscripts in London, and discover even more enemies in the process.


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Children of Isaac, Apotheosis, Lilith Fragment

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